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William Atkins, MS, LPC, LMFT, has practiced as a Counselor for over 40 years. He has worked with people from diverse backgrounds across the lifespan. Mr. Atkins utilizes a holistic approach to therapy that tailors treatment to fit the needs of the individual. He draws upon a variety of evidence-based treatments while tapping into the strengths that each person naturally possesses. Work is typically done to change flawed thinking patterns that promote internal distress. Many people also want to modify behaviors that have persisted for extended periods but create adverse consequences. This work can be difficult as it requires attention and focus on events that may have been deeply troubling or even traumatic when they occurred.

Mr. Atkins has extensive experience working with children, youth, and their families.

Working with young people requires a keen eye to where they are in their development. One must consider what is expected at a given age to pinpoint where clinically significant problems may exist. Interventions are tailored to address the problem(s) using the skills and talents that the young person possesses. This approach builds resilience and encourages adaptive problem solving. Work also includes the parent(s) and family, as these relationships are primary in the young person’s life. Mr. Atkins has expertise working with trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD, family conflict, and abuse. He provides individual and family therapy to persons living in Norman and the surrounding area.

Expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Come in and share your thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, goals and dreams. You will be listened to and heard. You will find empathy and acceptance.